Student Storage

Well, it could be that you’re a student reading this or it could be you’re the worried parent.  One will have just come back from clubbing – maybe celebrating the end of exams – and the other will be wondering how to accommodate the ever growing, wing-spreading suddenly adult sized off-spring that will be returning home in the next few days.

It’s great to get back home/have them back, but how on earth will the un-used ironing board, bathroom accessories, favourite stuffed giraffe, crockery, kettle and a thousand other essentials – not to mention the electric guitar – fit into space that was once the bedroom of a fourteen year old.

You know what, it’s easy to make a short diversion to a self-storage depot on the way home and then pick it up again at the beginning of next term.  If by chance you lock away something that you find you need then with U Hold The Key you can call back at any time and pick it up.   U Hold The Key offer 24 hour access at the majority of our sites for no extra charge.  Alternatively we’ll store your stuff in some of our boxes and give you a storage box rate instead of paying for a whole store.

Don’t stress, whether you’ve just come back from a club or you're up late at night worrying, just give us a call, we’re here 24 hours to answer your enquiries and take your orders.  We just try to make things easy.

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U Hold the Key currently operate in 9 convenient storage locations as shown on the map below.

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Container Types


Measures 6ft x 4ft (and 8ft high)

These stores are great for student storage or storing stuff like those Christmas decorations. This size is presently only available on our site at Newcastle.


A 6ft cube – 6ft x 6ft (and 6ft high)

These stores all have double door access so are great for motorbike storage or anything else that needs a compact secure space.

Mini Internal

On our site at Grantham these are our internal storage crates measuring 5ft x 7ft. These are stored inside our warehouse so you don’t have 24/7 access to these stores. (If access at any time is important to you one of our others types of store may serve your purpose better where you will have 24/7 access.)


6ft x 8ft (and 8ft high)

About the size of a large garden shed – but a lot more secure. A good size for the bits that are over spilling in the spare room or if the kids have moved out or if you’re starting a new business and need some where to keep your tools or filing.


8ft x 8ft (and 8ft high)

A bit bigger than a compact. We would recommend this size for a move from a 1 bedroomed flat but also a great size for businesses for archive storage or if you want to get your garage or spare room back.


10ft x 8ft (and 8ft high)

Some of our standard containers have double doors and some have personnel doors. To visualise this space, think of a spare room size. It’s a good sized space again for both businesses and house moves.


20ft x 8ft (and 8ft high)

This is the most popular size store we have and we describe this space as the equivalent of a good sized single garage although I wish my garage was that big! This size is big enough for most 3 bedroomed house moves. All of our large containers have double door access so are ideal for storing your car or boat. It’s a great space for business storage and if you’re looking for archive storage we can shelve it out for you for a small extra charge. Ask us for more information.


30ft x 8ft (and 8ft high)

When you need a bit more than our large container. You’ll get a lot in here.


40ft x 8ft (and 8ft high)

For when you have lots to store. This is great storage for businesses that don’t want the added cost of taking on a warehouse or business premises but still have lots to store.

Key Pickup Date

Please select your preferred key pickup date (we'd suggest this be the first day of your storage agreement) - but we're flexible.

Key Pickup Time

You tell us what time on the selected date you'd like to come and pick up your keys to your storage container

We'll contact you to confirm the time you've booked. If we haven't contacted you within 2 hours of the time you've requested can you please give us a call on 08003894319 to confirm we can meet you at the selected time.

    Customer Testimonials

    Thanks for the service, I used U Hold The Key a few years ago hence why I returned. Absolutely great service that I have recommended to friends.
    "I had no concerns about security on site. I did not encounter any problems. There was good access for vehicles on site."
    "The Service from your office was polite and you were easy to deal with. I would definitely use you again"
    The unit has been very useful and we have enjoyed the knowledge of the security on site. We will certainly use you again in the future.
    Thanks for this, the service at Colsterworth and HQ is always excellent and if we need you we won't hesitate to give you a call. Thank you very much
    Thank you very much. And thank you for a good service over a long time (8 years I believe).
    Can I say that the service from you has been brilliant, everything has happened in exactly the way it was described with no difficulties. Much appreciated.
    I am very pleased with your excellent storage service. All your staff on site, including your Site Manager have always been friendly, kind, helpful and courteous. I would recommend your service to others, and would use your services again, if required. Thank you very much for your help and support.
    All the U Hold The Key staff have been so friendly and helpful, we have appreciated it.
    Thanks for a great service. We will of course use you again in the future should the need arise.