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Self storage has become a necessity of modern life Affordable self storage in 9 convenient locations Secure Self Storage from only £14 a week!

At U Hold The Key we quite simply want to ensure you receive good service. Self Storage is easy it just needs space, but making sure everything goes smoothly makes the real difference for our customers. We want our service to be a solution, so for whatever reason you call on us our staff will deal with you politely and efficiently and we’ll make it as easy for you as we can, No Problem.

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The Circus Villians

Up and coming band 'The Circus Villains' have a close connection to U Hold The Key Self-Storage as Daniel Skilbeck the bass guitarist is the son of Jane Skilbeck (U Hold The Key general manager). 

'The Circus Villains' are made up or Luke Taylor and Matthew Fisher both guitarists and singers, Daniel Skilbeck; their bass guitarist and Bob Mackenzie; who plays the drums, and have been together since 2016. They fall into the genre of Indie/Alternative rock, and with their debut EP, 'An Evening with the...Circus Villains released in 2017 completments that genre. The band have been touring around their local area and around the North East, at some highly recognised establishments