Frequently Asked Questions

The information on this website is intended to supply general information for guidance purposes only.

Further details of our services are available on request.

Q. Are your units weatherproof and clean?

A. Yes, our units are weatherproof. Each time a customer returns keys to us the stores are checked and cleaned before they are hired out to the next customer. We have a maintenance team who refurbish the containers and keep them in good condition.

Q. Do you insure the goods that I put into store?

A. We try to keep our storage as simple and as easy to use as possible. We have found that most people prefer to pay a competitive price for easy to use storage and then to make their own arrangements for insurance if they want to. If we were to provide insurance, we would need to operate differently and take an inventory of the things you were putting in the store which would reduce the flexibility of your storage and increase costs. So no, we don’t provide insurance for your goods in store but there is a company that specialise in insurance for containerised storage. Follow the links on their website for our sites for a quote.

Q. Do I have to pay a deposit?

A. When you store with us we ask you to pay a small deposit of £25 for the key, more as reminder to return the key to us when you’ve finished with the store, (once the key is returned you will receive the deposit back).

Q. Do we really hold the keys?

A. Yes. We provide you with a high security lock and key to your store.

Q. Is there a minimum period for hiring the store?

A. Our minimum period is as little as a week. We do ask you to pay for a full month’s storage when you first hire the store but we’ll refund any part of the month you’ve paid for but not used (subject to the minimum period of a week) when you return the key to us.

Q. How do I pay for the store?

A. When you first hire the store we ask you to pay for a full month’s storage when we give you the key for the store. We will then invoice you on the 1st month until you vacate the store and return the key to us. This can be sent to you by email or in the post, Let us know what you prefer when you collect your key. We’ll ask you to pay by direct debit but you can also pay by bank transfer, debit or credit card and cash at some of our sites.

Q. When can we get access to our store?

A. Access is available 24/7 on all our sites (except Eaglescliffe and Middlesbrough where access is restricted between 9.00pm and 7.00am).

Q. Do I have to tell you how long I need the store for?

A. No. You can hire the store for as long or short as you like subject to our minimum hire period of a week. We will continue to invoice you on the 1st of each month until you let us know you are no longer using the store. It is important though for you to tell us when you’ve emptied the store and returned the key to us otherwise we’ll continue to invoice you.

Q. What happens when we move out?

A. When you’ve emptied the store send us a quick email or give us a call for free on 0800 389 43 19 to let us know you have vacated. There is also a letter box on each of our sites for you to drop the key into. You will be shown where these are when you hire the store from us. We will then update your account and if your account is paid up to date we will credit your account with any days in the month you have paid for and not used together with the deposit you have paid for the keys. We will then send you a statement by email or post (depending on how we are sending invoices to you) showing your balance. If we owe you money we will ask for your bank details so we can make a bank transfer into your account. You will usually receive your refund within 3 or 4 working days of receiving your bank details.

Q. Do the stores suffer from condensation?

A. We have very little problem with condensation. Condensation was generally associated with older (1980's and before) flat roof designed containers; modern stores don’t have the same problem. From our experience, on the rare times when condensation does occur, it’s generally as a result or moisture being imported into the container by loading it on a wet day or going in and out of the store on a wet day. So if you can, (we know the great British weather doesn’t always allow) try to access your store when it’s not wet. To give you peace of mind we do sell a product called an Absorpole which takes excess moisture from the air (Contact us if you would like more information regarding this).

Q. Is the storage secure?

All of our units are integrally secure including a high security lock and other physical measures. Most of our sites are accessed with electronic gate access and only our customers have access to the site. Only you have a key to your store. Our best evidence is our excellent record. Another point worth noting is that all of our stores look alike. We don't disclose contents to anyone - even if we know them - would you?

Q. Can I leave things in the store for you to dispose of?

A. When you vacate the store we do ask you to take all your things with you. It’s really expensive for us to dispose of rubbish as a commercial business. Unfortunately we will charge you for disposing of goods left in the store.

Q. Is it as easy as it sounds?

A. Yes, definitely.

Q. How do I arrange storage?

A. You can book following the links on the website or call us free on 0800 389 43 19.

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