Our Storage Prices

Below are our standard prices for container self-storage which are given here for comparison purposes. When you click through to book you may find that the prices vary slightly depending on the dates and site you select; the prices in the booking facility are the correct ones.

When comparing with other self-storage offers please remember that after the first week with U Hold The Key you pay only for days that you use your store and this could be a substantial saving i.e. You are not tied in to calendar months or fixed contracts.

When comparing prices ensure that you are including all charges. With U Hold The Key the only additional amount you pay is a small deposit (£25) for the key to your store which we return to you once you have finished with the store. With U Hold The Key what you are quoted is what you pay. (All of our prices quoted include vat).


Metric Imperial

Sizes are approximate. Some sizes are unavailable at some sites – a nearest alternative will always be offered



6FT x 6FT (6FT High) 1.82M x 1.82M (1.82M High)
36 Square Feet 3.34 Square Meters
216 Cubic Feet 6.11 Cubic Meters
Daily £2.56
Weekly £17.95
Monthly £78.08


5FT x 7FT (8FT High) 2.2M x 1.6M (2.4M High)
35 Square Feet 3.52 Square Meters
280 Cubic Feet 7 Cubic Meters
Daily £2.73
Weekly £19.87
Monthly £86.46


8FT x 7FT 6" (7FT 4" High) 2.43M x 2.28M (2.23M High)
64 Square Feet 5.57 Square Meters
512 Cubic Feet 14.49 Cubic Meters
Daily £3.35
Weekly £23.46
Monthly £102.08


10FT x 8FT (8FT High) 3.08M x 2.43M (2.43M High)
80 Square Feet 7.43 Square Meters
640 Cubic Feet 18.12 Cubic Meters
Daily £3.99
Weekly £27.96
Monthly £121.60


20FT x 8FT (8FT High) 6.09M x 2.43M (2.43M High)
160 Square Feet 14.86 Square Meters
1280 Cubic Feet 36.24 Cubit Meters
Daily £5.68
Weekly £39.75
Monthly £172.93


40FT x 8FT (8FT High) 12.19M x 2.43M (2.43M High)
320 Square Feet 29.72 Square Meters
2560 Cubic Feet 72.49 Cubic Meters
Daily £10.72
Weekly £75.02
Monthly £326.32
Neat 6ft x 4ft (8ft high) 24 sq ft 192 cu ft £2.13 per day £14.91 per week
Mini 6ft x 6ft (6ft high) 36 sq ft 216 cu ft £2.47 per day £17.26 per week
Compact 6ft x 8ft (8ft high)  48 sq ft 384 cu ft £2.73 per day £19.11 per week
Handy 8ft x 7ft 6” (7ft 4” High) 64 sq ft 512 cu ft £3.22 per day £22.56 per week
Standard 10ft x 8ft (8ft high) 80 sq ft 640 cu ft £3.84 per day £26.88 per week
Large 20ft x 8ft (8ft high) 160 sq ft 1280 cu ft £5.46 per day £38.22 per week
Mega 40ft x 8ft (8ft high) 320 sq ft 2560 cu ft £10.30 per day £72.13 per week

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