Bounce back - slowly but surely

The recession sure hit the housing market and like all other storage companies we’ve had to keep on our toes as there have been less house-move customers to go around in the past four years.  But having weathered the storm of tough trading conditions it now looks like things are picking up.  Certainly our phones have been ringing a bit more often and the march of the internet hasn’t stalled so there are a lot more internet bookings through the U Hold The Key web site than what there were prior to 2008.  We’ve demonstrated our confidence by investing a new site at Birtley in Tyne and Wear, just off the A1 near Washington services.  We’ve also been buying new stores.  So we are customer ready as always.  If our optimism is justified then we should see small businesses bouncing back too and looking to store stock and equipment.  Wherever the demand is, be it Newcastle, Stockton, Bishop Auckland, Birtley, Grantham, Eaglescliffe, Teesside, Durham, Tyne and Wear, Northumberland or Stanley, we’re ready with 24/7 storage and telephone service.

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