Car, Motorbike and Boat Storage

Whether your car is a 'project', you're a weekend sailor or you like to hit the road like Easy Rider at the weekend one of our secure steel stores is a perfect place to keep your vehicle.

All of our stores are at ground level and we can make sure you have a store which allows you good access to run your wheels in and out be they 4, 2 or on a trailer.

Insurance can be pricey and many insurance companies give discounts for cars, bikes and boats stored in steel stores.

We give 24 hour access on the majority of our sites at no extra cost so you can visit your store anytime you wish to access your pride and joy. Sunday afternoon for the speedboat or a nocturnal motorbike spin is easy when you store with U Hold The Key.

If you’d like any further advice please get in touch; motorbikes, speed ski's, vintage cars; we've stored them all.

Which size will you need?

This really depends on what you're planning on storing?

Cars obviously vary in length, from a 3-door Mini Cooper measuring 3,821mm (12.5 feet) upwards. So if you're looking for car storage we'd likely recommend one of our 'Large' Storage units, which measure 20ft by 8ft.

A 'Large' unit should be plenty big enough for most cars and will allow sufficient space to drive your car into the unit, you'll also have plenty of leftover space in the remainder of the unit.

If you're looking for secure storage for your motorbike or vintage moped, then a smaller unit will likely be sufficient!

The average moped measures around 1,900mm (6.2 feet), with larger cruiser style motorbikes measuring around 2,500mm (8.2 feet). Depending on how many bikes you're looking to store - we'd likely recommend either our 'Handy' (8ft x 7ft 6") or 'Standard' size containers for motorbike storage. Our storage is all wind and water tight and importantly at ground level - so loading anything into our storage is easy, you can ride right up to your storage.

How big is your boat? Our largest stores are 40ft long, so if your looking for boat storage for anything longer, unfortunately your boat is too long! You will also need to consider width - our storage is typically 8ft wide so if your boat is anything smaller than 8ft wide, width shouldn't be a problem. The final dimension to consider is height our storage can accommodate 8ft in height, but you'll need to consider loading your boat into the container - so please keep in mind your height measurement will need to take into account the height when loaded onto your trailer.

As with all our storage options, if your requirements change you can always switch to a larger or smaller unit if you need to.

We offer our storage in a range of different sizes to suit your needs, so if you're looking for a storage facility for your classic car or a bike shed for your collection of Harleys - our storage may be just what you're looking for. Maybe you're just running out of parking spaces at home and want a secure storage solution to keep your classic bike or boat safe, we'll store your vehicle and you get the peace of mind knowing your pride and joy is safely locked out of harms way.

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U Hold the Key currently operate in 9 convenient storage locations as shown on the map below.

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Container Types


Measures 6ft x 4ft (and 8ft high)

These stores are great for student storage or storing stuff like those Christmas decorations. This size is presently only available on our site at Newcastle.


A 6ft cube – 6ft x 6ft (and 6ft high)

These stores all have double door access so are great for motorbike storage or anything else that needs a compact secure space.

Mini Internal

On our site at Grantham these are our internal storage crates measuring 5ft x 7ft. These are stored inside our warehouse so you don’t have 24/7 access to these stores. (If access at any time is important to you one of our others types of store may serve your purpose better where you will have 24/7 access.)


6ft x 8ft (and 8ft high)

About the size of a large garden shed – but a lot more secure. A good size for the bits that are over spilling in the spare room or if the kids have moved out or if you’re starting a new business and need some where to keep your tools or filing.


8ft x 7ft 6” (and 7ft 4” High)

A bit bigger than a compact. We would recommend this size for a move from a 1 bedroomed flat but also a great size for businesses for archive storage or if you want to get your garage or spare room back.


10ft x 8ft (and 8ft high)

Some of our standard containers have double doors and some have personnel doors. To visualise this space, think of a spare room size. It’s a good sized space again for both businesses and house moves.


20ft x 8ft (and 8ft high)

This is the most popular size store we have and we describe this space as the equivalent of a good sized single garage although I wish my garage was that big! This size is big enough for most 3 bedroomed house moves. All of our large containers have double door access so are ideal for storing your car or boat. It’s a great space for business storage and if you’re looking for archive storage we can shelve it out for you for a small extra charge. Ask us for more information.


30ft x 8ft (and 8ft high)

When you need a bit more than our large container. You’ll get a lot in here.


40ft x 8ft (and 8ft high)

For when you have lots to store. This is great storage for businesses that don’t want the added cost of taking on a warehouse or business premises but still have lots to store.

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We'll contact you to confirm the time you've booked. If we haven't contacted you within 2 hours of the time you've requested can you please give us a call on 08003894319 to confirm we can meet you at the selected time.