Choosing self-storage?

Choosing self-storage?

The self-storage industry has seen a spike in occupancy levels as the need for space has become a necessity. People have different reasons for using storage sites and depending on the need can be a short-term basis but could also be a long-term commitment. There are some factors hat that can make or break your decision about where to you choose to store.

Site Location.

You want to find a location that you can get too, not having to travel too far and make it a chore to access your items.


Security is a big factor to people as you want to know that you are storing your belongings in a secure place that only you can gain access to.

Access level.

No matter what you are storing you want to be able to access it when you want to. Whether you need to get your fine china out for lunch with the family or do a late-night dash to your unit to grab that cuddly toy that your child can not sleep without. You don’t want to be on the clock and miss out on getting to your unit on time.


Not everyone needs the same level of storage, so having a choice of size unit you are wanting to hire so are not paying for unused space. you need to tailor the unit to your requirements.


The level of customer service you receive from the company will determine if you choose to store with them or not. If they are slow or reluctant to help you will feel unwelcome, but if they are willing to help you make the whole process of taking up storage you will feel like you can trust to store your belongings with them.


Price is probably one of the main reasons that will make you use self-storage or put up tripping over that unopened box from months ago. You only want to pay for the storage that you are going to use and you do not want to pay for wasted space.

There are various reasons for using self-storage and can be used for personal and business purposes to help free up space and even sometimes to see finally what the colour of that carpet is.

Personal Storage

·         Moving House

·         Household Renovation

·         Furniture Storage / Household Overflow Storage

·         Student Storage

·         Tool Storage

·         Car / Bike Storage


Now a days finding space in the house is hard to come by and you start to feel over run with your belongings every time you open a cupboard. Self-storage helps to free up that space taken up whether it is for temporary storage or long-term storage. The trend for personal storage has seen our occupancy hit new levels, as customers require storage for a wide scope of reasons from furniture storage, household renovations to storing their pride and joy whether it is a car or bike.  

With storing personal items another major benefit is for student storage, either between houses or returning home for the summer you know that you have secure storage until you can move into your new resident or return raring for another academic year.


Business Storage

·         Stock Storage

·         Archive Storage

·         Sports Club Equipment Storage

·         Running a business from the space

·         Storing Marketing Tools and Materials

·         Use as a Business HUB for Distribution


Businesses come large and small and can grow fast, sometimes meaning you don’t have enough office space cause it’s currently getting used for your stock or marketing material when you could be using the space for more staff to join your growing company; this is but one reason of how businesses can benefit from self-storage by freeing up space. Container storage has also been used for new businesses needing a space to call home. We know that starting a business can be hard and storage containers can be used to run a business from and be used as a business HUB for distribution of sales.

Another benefit for choosing self-storage is for business archive storage, having somewhere to hold your company’s archives for customer (in accordance with GDPR).

Here at U Hold The Key we took all of this into consideration and we pride ourselves on the high level of customer service all our employees have. We have and open self-storage sites in convenient locations that offer 24-hour access, 7 days a week allowing you access when you need it rather than you being on the clock to when you can get your stuff.

If you are in the need of additional secure storage, we have 10 sites ideally located, with a range of size container stores to suit your level of storage. Call us on 0800 389 43 19 or email to arrange storage at U Hold The Key.

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