Interview with U Hold The Key's Site Manager Paul Ridsdale

We caught up with one of U Hold The Key's Site Managers Paul Ridsdale. Paul is one of the newest recruits and has been with U Hold The Key now for 6 months, and has settledwell into his role. Paul reflects on what drew him to the job here at U Hold The Key, and will share with you see what a site manager’s days consist of on a day to day basis.

  • What drew you to the job with U Hold The Key?
  • I was drawn to the job because it was for a local firm and I live quite close to The Manor House. I also welcomed a job where I was not in an office all day and where I could travel to different places.
  • What does a standard day consist of as a site manager?
  • I check in at the office first of all and I see what appointments I have for that day. I pick up the necessary paperwork, fobs and locks. I then make my way to the appropriate sites to meet I complete the contract and if necessary take payments, I also check beforehand that the unit has been swept out and is in good condition. I also check for any keys that might have been returned and telephone the office with the details. I also tidy the site up, picking up any rubbish and report to office if I find anything unusual on the site.
  • Why would you recommend U Hold The Key to potential new customers?
  • I would recommend U Hold The Key because it is so simple to hire a storage unit, although there is a contract to complete this is not onerous. The sites are convenient and there is 24-hour access to the sites for customers. The sites are secure and safe, the prices are very competitive.
  • Have you used self-storage before?
  • I have not used storage myself, but some of my colleagues at work have and tell me it was very easy to use.
  • Why do you think people choose to store with U Hold The Key?
  • I think the firm has a good reputation in the area and, it is convenient, safe and secure. The stores that we rent are also in really good condition.
  • Do you feel our order process is easy to use?
  • I feel the order process is easy and straightforward with the customer ordering on-line or through the office. If the customer brings all the necessary information with them such as the appropriate I.D and payment. I think it is very streamlined.
  • How do you make sure the sites and the storage containers are kept to the highest standard?
  • I always like to get to the appointment in plenty of time so I can check the unit that I will offer to the customer. I like to sweep the unit out as best I can and lubricate (if necessary) the handle and the door joints so the doors are easy to open for the customer.


Paul has settled into his role as North East site manager here at U Hold The Key Self Storage, and we can see the hard work that he does to keep the sites to a high standard. Regular feedback from our customers suggest Paul is keeping up our reputation of providing good customer service to our customers.

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