Storage - an economic indicator?

Every February between 2000 (when we started U Hold The Key) and 2007, regular as the seasons people would start moving house and booking container storage and our occupancies would go up.  Then 2008 it didn’t happen; we didn’t get the usual annual peak and we knew something was wrong.  By June they were calling it the Credit Crunch and by September banks were going bust.  I swear that by being sensitive to the housing market and the small business economy we knew before most that there were economic problems. Now, like birds that fly south for the winter or bark on trees that indicates a change in the weather we sense something is changing.  The phones are ringing, the web site enquiries are picking up; people are getting busy.  Whatever, our occupancies are steadily rising.  One swallow doesn’t make a spring but a few container stores occupied might herald an economic recovery!

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