Working life of U Hold The Key’s Steph Dewison

Interview with UHTK’s Steph Dewison

Working life of U Hold The Key’s Steph Dewison

When it comes to self-storage, U Hold The Key is a customer favourite, in no small part thanks to our great customer service, working hard to make self-storage as easy as possible. So, we thought we would let you have sneak peek into a day in the life of a member of our office team.

We spoke with Steph Dewison, who is the customer’s first contact when booking self-storage with us here at U Hold The Key. Steph has worked for the team since 2005 and her customer service is second to none.

What does your day consist of?

“When I arrive on a morning I check my emails to obtain the report of any enquiries that have been taken from the previous day after I had left the office up until the moment I arrive the next morning. Our out of hours 24-hour call centre takes your calls no matter the time you call and sends us morning reports with all enquiries they receive. I then check for any online bookings and enquiries made via email and respond to those.

“All customer payments are input into the system and then I process any new agreements and check for any key returns reported in order to update the system - that’s really important, so that customers get the correct refund for days they haven’t used.

“I deal with regular enquiries and queries regarding customer accounts throughout the day over the telephone, via email or on our live chat facility.

“I process invoices at the beginning of the month and send out statements mid-month along with processing new direct debits and amending current direct debits.”

Steph’s day is filled with interaction with new and existing customers and it’s thanks to her great customer service skills that we convert our enquiries into customers.

Speaking to our customers?

“When receiving an initial storage enquiry by telephone call, I start by finding out which size of store the person is requiring and where they are located, in order to see what we have available at that specific site. I can help advise on size according to what there is to store if the person is unsure about what they need.”

Steph’s knowledge of container self-storage and our sites can help the customer choose the best site and the perfect sized store for their needs.

How do you sign a customer up?

“We agree a date and time for a meeting with one of our site managers at the chosen site - this is where the customer will be met and shown to their store along with receiving a key and fob to access the site. An agreement between us (U Hold The Key) and the customer will be signed and then the customer may access their self-storage unit when they please.”

We make sure that we show every customer their store in person, demonstrating how to open and close the container store, and how to access the site through our fob system. We go through our contract step-by-step, and through the procedure for handing the key back and the return of any refund if needed.

How easy is it to book self-storage with U Hold The Key?

“Really easy – there are a few ways to book one of our storage units. The first is to call us on our Freephone number (0800 389 43 19) to enquire, and if a decision is made to go ahead and book a store, I would talk through and fill in one of our booking forms with the customer. The booking form ensures we take all relevant information including customer contact details, I would then ask for an initial payment of a month and a refundable key deposit.

“You can also book a store through our online booking system on our website ( which would then be received via email. I contact each customer to confirm all details of the booking.”

How has self-storage increased from when you first started until now?

“I think the public have become more aware of the benefits of self-storage gradually over the time I have worked here. Self-storage units provide a simple solution and the number of our sites has increased to meet the demand.”

We have increased the number of container stores over the years to match the demand for self-storage. We now have 1100 stores, and are expecting to increase this to 1500 within the next 18 months. 

When do you see an increase of people booking self-storage?

“There is a significant increase in people booking self-storage from April onwards - this is when people tend to start thinking about moving house or going travelling.”

Although there is no definitive reason for an increase in booking self-storage we do see trends in the amount of people booking at certain times of the year.

Have you ever tried self-storage yourself?

“Although I haven’t required the use of self-storage yet, I have signed up quite a few friends and some are currently storing with us.”

Why should someone use self-storage?

“Self-storage can be a great aid in many circumstances, should you plan to sell, renovate or de-clutter your home. If you are a small business you may want to keep extra stock in a nearby location, or if you are lucky enough to go travelling, you could keep a car safe in storage, short or long term.”

Why U Hold The Key?

“Everyone at U Hold The Key works hard to provide excellent customer service – our office staff, site managers and maintenance team try to make sure everything run as smoothly as possible from the very start, and the stores across the sites are in first class condition.

“I hope to speak to you soon!”

We pride ourselves on the customer service that we give here at U Hold The Key and the feedback we receive from our customers reflects that. Follow the link here to read the customer reviews that we have received.

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