8 Benefits for using self-storage

8 Benefits for using self-storage

There are many different reasons for using self storage and we will discuss the various benefits that can be gained from using our storage containers.

Business Benefits

New, small, medium or large businesses can benefit from self-storage, with a space that can be used for various appliances for many businesses. Having a secure location to store your changing stock levels or using a container store as a distribution HUB you can also store documents in one of our stores as an archive storage to follow GDPR regulations. A companies marketing material can take up a lot of space in the office and that space could be used by another employee. We have also seen people run a business from a container too.


Sports and hobby storage

Participating in sports or have a favoured hobby can take up a large amount of valuable space. Whether you want to be the next Tiger Woods or Martina Navratilova storing all the equipment you might need to use can be daunting, same with a hobby we all aspire to fill our free time (though little some have) with hobbies that we all enjoy. Like photography or upcycling (a really popular hobby at the moment) Having one of our stores means you can visit the store when you need to and grab the equipment you need, use it and return it to your container until next time.


Student Storage

Students can have a lot going on with their student experience with exams and deadline after deadline to think about. Not only all this but the thought of moving back home for summer, even going travelling can weigh on the mind as you have accumulated so much stuff during your student life. With self-storage having temporary storage during this time is a huge benefit to store everything until your next year at college or university begins when you can move everything into your new halls of residence.


Freeing up valuable space

Now-a-days space is so valuable, and what little we have can quickly be taken up. So being able to move unused items into storage to free up space and finally find out what colour your flooring originally was. We collect so many belongings throughout our lives and we always want to treasure each one, but these all add up and you will feel overwhelmed trying not to open a cupboard and have the last year of your life fall out on you. Moving these into storage means you can go back and forth as you need to get anything from your storage unit.


Household Renovations

Large or small household renovations can take time to finish, and while renovating one room means you need somewhere to store that rooms furniture. Rather than working around the furniture or moving everything into another room and feel trapped, take up temporary storage for as long as you need during your renovation.


Moving Home

When moving house there is countless things to think about and so many arrangements that can make moving stressful. Having a secure space to hold you household belongings while you are moving and after the sale has went through while you slowly make your new house a home. Being able to increase and decrease your size storage and gain access when you need to. Using self storage allows you to finish moving your belongings in room by room and at your own pace with no strict deadlines.

An example, our 20ft ‘Large’ storage containers are suitable for a three-bedroom house move.


Seasonal Storage

As the seasons change so does what people need to store in our containers. Being able to store your summer garden furniture during the winter months or to store those Christmas decorations that keep falling out that cupboard. Seasonal storage is a perfect solution and can be used all year round as there is always something that can be moved into storage until a certain time of the year when they are needed again.


Traveller Storage

Self-storage can offer the avid traveller or the frequent flyer a secure space to store your belongings. This can include storing your pride and joy your car or motorbike while you are away. It also means that while you are backpacking across the far east or having a summer placement abroad, you know where your belongings are and trust that they are secure.


No matter what you require storage for U Hold The Key can provide the space, with ideally located storage sites with a range of sizes available to suit your level of storage. There are various ways to contact us to gain a benefit from using our self-storage, you can send us a message through our contact us page, or if you would like to speak with one of our helpful team call 0800 389 43 19 or you can email us directly at enquiries@uholdthekey.co.uk .

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