Special Packaging Offers

The range of packaging bundles we offer are drawn from many years of supplying packaging to the customers who rent our stores.  So whether you are a student, a householder or a small business we think you will find your bundle just what you need to get you started.

Student Pack

4 Packing Cases, 10 metres of Bubble Wrap, 1 Roll Packing Tape £18.00

Handy Pack

6 Packing Cases, 15 metres of Bubble Wrap, 1 Roll Packing Tape £22.50

Standard Pack

10 Packing Cases, 25 metres of Bubble Wrap, 2 Roll Packing Tape £34.00

Large Pack

15 Packing Cases, 40 metres of Bubble Wrap, 2 Rolls Packing Tape £48.00

Bubble Wrap and Packaging Cases

A good stack of boxes and a roll of bubble wrap are essentials before you start to empty the kitchen cupboards and take the ornaments from the mantel.  Then there’s the school books, toys, collections and bedding all to pack away to be found later.  Thankfully we have an endless supply of boxes, bubble wrap, tape and other accessories that help make life just that bit easier when you’re moving.  Also ideal for business storage.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap sold by the meter from £0.55 per meter(s)
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Packaging Cases

Packaging cases sold per case from £2.00 per case(s)
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Other Packaging

You don’t need to search your local DIY store for the bits and pieces that help make your move go easier – we can supply it all for you.  So whether you want labels, covers or just simple marker pens you can get them here.  And don’t forget the picture corners!

Packing Tape

- £1.00


- £25.00